Long time posting… 

Trigger – weight loss, anxiety, mental health and eating disorders. 

Hi girlies! So I haven’t been posting in a long time (since May 1st) and that is because I really like to enjoy the weather in the winter as well as I have been trying to become a healthier version of me – which I was worried about posting about since I know some BOPO ladies find it triggering and I do apologize. 
Anyways a month ago I decided enough was enough and I needed to make a change for myself… I haven’t been feeling well, my anxiety is through the roof and I was uncomfortable with self esteem the past couple months (which those that follow me on Instagram may have noticed – I don’t post daily anymore). 

I am doing this for me and my health and surprisingly it has been easier then ever before. My cravings weren’t as strong and I am not finding myself as addicted to searching calories and such – which was a problem in the past. 

I am losing slowly and I am trying to change the way I look at food. In the past cheat days would ruin me… I had to quit everything cold turkey because anything with sugar causes binge eating and I need to have it. I am slowly introducing these foods but in a healthier way – so far so good. 

Anyways in the past month I have lost ten pounds. My husband and I joined planet fitness and we are walking 3km a night with our pups.


Birthday + Haul

 Birthday OOTD of course. I actually got this dress at Giant Tiger (Canadian discount super store) for only $20. I find a lot of inexpensive things there, but usually if I go back to get more they’re gone forever unfortunately. But this dress is incredibly comfortable. 


So my birthday was actually April 30th – I’m writing this a little late. I didn’t end up doing a whole lot on my actual birthday… Hubby took the day off and we went out for lunch to Wok of Fame which is a place where they will cook the food right in front of you. It is so good (my favourite actually) and they do free birthday meal! Afterwards we did some makeup shopping (Which I will show in the Haul).

Later that night we cuddled up and watched movies the rest of the night. My family also got me an awesome Dairy Queen ice cream cake (chocolate salted caramel). It was amazing since DQ is always awesome. (Mrs Ross as I was recently married).

So then on Friday (day after my birthday) hubby and I went on a double date to bowling with my birthday twin. My birthday twin’s name is Mell and we were born same day, same hospital, same year… Just a few hours apart. No doubt we were in the same room as babies. Funny thing is… We only met because we also dated the same guy. 😅 We of course try to do something for our birthday each year. So we went bowling (I actually won surprisingly) and then we went back to her house for pizza, wings and drinks of course. We had a fantastic night! 

The next night we had a BBQ with some family friends over. We made s’mores and again had some drinks! Yes I like my burnt on purpose.

On Sunday we went over to my in laws to celebrate, seriously a whole birthday weekend! Where I got to hang out with my awesome little niece and hubby’s family. We had a lot of fun – ordered subway since pizza, wings and drinks really had a toll on me after so many days of celebrating. 

My mother in law gave me a gorgeous Pandora bead. 


I had a really great birthday! 

Now I definitely bought some new makeup, but I wanted to get a bunch of new stuff instead of just a couple things from Sephora so I ended up hitting the drugstore to try some things I haven’t ever tried before (like Nyx). Plus I wanted some new bright lipsticks for summer ☀️


Testing the Nyx lipsticks (thus the multicoloured lips)! 

Performatrin Ultra Limited

Hello everyone! I wanted to write up a blog on a brand new food I tried which was Performatrin Ultra Limited Ingredient Potato and Turkey formula. This is a great food for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs – or even if you just wanted your dog to have a limited ingredient diet. Please be aware this food can only be bought at Pet Valu and Bosley stores.

 My little guy Cruiser keeps getting ear infections unfortunately so he is definitely sensitive to something and while this didn’t get rid of his ear yeast (yet) – it did help quite a bit so far.

The reason I wanted to try this food is because it is grain free but it’s also gluten free. I figured it would be best to cut out all of that to see if that might be the cause for the extra yeast build up plus grain free diets are definitely eat less, shed less and poop less! More nutritious and less waste! 

I went with turkey as my female has issues with fish (which is this brands other flavour). Turkey is also very easily digestible plus both of mine love Turkey with a passion. There have definitely been no complaints with this food from them. 42% of this food is Turkey too, so while it isn’t the first ingredient which is usually a red flag with me… It is a limited ingredient food so there isn’t much else other than potatoes, canola oil and vitamins/minerals making up this food to begin with. The 42% Turkey is definitely impressive (this information was found on their website for those curious).

I really like the kibble size as it is great for training as well! I try to trick my dogs into eating their food as treats 😉 

I thought this food was really great for my dogs, especially for Cruiser and I definitely want to see what his ear results are like by the end of the bag. I did wait about three weeks to do this review to see if there was improvement, so far I have seen a lot less yeast and itching! So thank you performatrin! 


Hey everyone! Happy April! 

I haven’t said hello to you in awhile and I figured I owed you all an update 😊 I personally am so glad winter is over!!! I am not a winter person at all, so I am so excited for the nice weather. My husband, doggies and I are loving this nice weather and we’ve been going to the beach, the dog parks or even just driving around with the windows down. 

Well my beautiful six year old Shepherd Jynxiie turned 6 on April 11th. I made her a doggie friendly cake – please let me know if anyone is interested in the recipe for this dog birthday cake. 


My little one Cruiser (4 months) also met his brother for the first time since 10 weeks and it was adorable! They looked like twins and funny enough they even had the same collar.


My husband and I went on a little road trip to celebrate 6 months being married! We went to the beach and we brought our little one along… Had a real blast and ate too much good food 😉


I hope everyone is doing well, keep your eyes peeled since I am doing another dog food review soon… Another great grain free food made in Canada. 

Here’s a “little” hint… 


Canadian Pet Expo 2015

Good afternoon everyone, my apologize for not posting as often! I have been really taking care of Cruiser – he’s seriously such a handful.

He’s getting huge too! We were at the vets on Thursday and he was 45lbs at 15 weeks. He’s really going to be a monster! 

This weekend we have been hanging out at the Canadian Pet Expo and having a lot of fun socializing. We got weekend passes so we could really explore the whole expo and meet lots of new people. 

We got some amazing things there and some awesome deals. I’ll post a picture of some of our haul, I didn’t take pictures of everything. 

But we got 2 bags of taste of the wild dog food for only $25 dollars, they had a vet there doing microchips for $35 dollars so we took advantage of that, a few toys, some treats, a bow tie haha, a tug for training, a sign for our fence gate, a slow feeder bowl and an amazing mammoth bed. 


The expo so far has been pretty great though, there were some snags on Friday but it was their first expo so that should be expected. I don’t think they expected it to be as big as it was either – because it was seriously packed! It does get expensive when you total in both weekend pass prices but since we’re trying to socialize Cruise as much as possible – definitely worth it. 

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t been posting too much! My little puppy has been keeping me so busy and I have been a little down in the dumps.

I wanted to share some pictures with you though! Look how much he’s changed in just three weeks! Colour and size 😊

Dog food review #1 Orijen/Acana 

Some of you might not be aware that what you’re feeding your dog may be making them sick. What you feed your food is very important to your dogs overall health which hasn’t been many people’s minds until the more recent years – now you have more options than just Iams, purina and pedigree! 

If you are not aware of the current issues I will link that below, this is one of the hundreds of news articles on this topic … http://globalnews.ca/news/1849645/lawsuit-claims-purinas-beneful-pet-food-is-killing-thousands-of-dogs/

I personally have been working in the animal industry for years – specifically in animal nutrition and I personally would never feed a dog food like that to my pets.

I will be highlighting some of my favourite dog food products now, this time I am focusing on Orijen and Acana. 

I recently got this lovely puppy package from Orijen/Acana – don’t worry! I went to them to request featuring them on my blog (not the other way around)! This is a 100% real review and feature! I really love this brand and let me tell you why… 

First we’ll start with the Orijen side of their brand… This is their 100% grain free side.

Orijen is 100% Canadian – as a Canadian this is very important to me. I love to support my country… Orijen isn’t just a Canadian brand name but it’s actually made in Canada and sourced in Canada. Be aware many high quality foods that say made in Canada/USA might not be sourced from Canadian/USA ingredjents! 

Orijen is grain free, corn free, soy free… It’s really free of any of the things dogs (which are carnivores… With omnivore tendencies mind you) don’t get much benefit from. These foods are very meat based which is what dogs (and cats – they do make cat food as well) thrive on. 

Let’s take a look at the ingredients…

If you take a look at the ingredients… You really only see animal products until the 17th ingredient down and most dog foods are made up from the first 5 ingredients… So a very meat dense food which is great! 

Then you see lentils, green peas, alfalfa, yams, chickpeas, pumpkin, etc… These are all low to medium glycemic foods which doesn’t cause the blood sugar to spike like say corn would… Overall what this means is less fat storage and that they will use these carbs slowly so your dog has more energy throughout the day. 

The last thing I wanted to say about Orijen dog food is that the animals used to make these foods are cage free/ranch raised/wild caught depending on what variety you choose. 

Helpful hint: switch varieties often so your dog won’t build up an intolerance to a certain type of meat. We are seeing more and more dogs with chicken allergies as that’s all dogs have been eating for longest time: 

I quickly want to mention Orijens treats as well. They sent me these ones…

They are freeze dried dog treats which are all natural. Plus the freeze dried process helps lock in nutrients since it doesn’t have to be cooked. 

And as you can see these also have fantastic ingredients. No preservatives either. 

Plus my dogs rather enjoyed them, they look kinda gross though. 😜🐶

Lastly lets talk about their other brand, Acana,

This is their food that does contain grains… BUT! They do not use high glycemic rice. They only use low/medium glycemic carbs that are easily digestible like oats and potatoes. They will also still have lots of energy and won’t have that sugar crash.

Acana like Orijen are made/sourced in Canada… As well as the animals used are cage free/ranch raised/wild caught. 

Take a look at the ingredients…

Acana is definitely the more affordable option of the two and as long as your dog doesn’t have grain/potato allergies – would be a great food as well since Acana uses fantastic ingredients. 

Now I did try to taste test these (with my dogs of course) but they honestly went for both of them with no actual favourite. But as you can see… 

They really enjoyed them. 

Now to finish off… I would never judge someone on what they are feeding their dogs, but I do feel that people should take a look at what they’re feeding their dogs. Read your dogs food bags and check out the ingredients… If you see by-products, corn, corn gluten, soy, Brewers rice… Anything like that – Look into other options! There are some great budget friendly foods out there that avoid these products. 


Stay tuned for more product reviews!